Dr. Francis Orata Omoto
Chair of Department

Senior Lecturer

Post Doc Fellow, Stockholm University, Sweden. 

Ph.D. Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany

Prof. Maurice Vincent Omolo,

Associate Professor

PhD in Chemistry (Kenyatta University)

Research Interests

Semiochemistry, Behaviour and Chemical Ecology of commercial insects, post-harvest insect pests of stored products and insects of importance in disease vectors. Bio-organic and Natural Products Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry of biologically active molecules, Bio-prospecting and Ethno-medicine.

Dr. Danstone Lilechi Baraza,

Senior Lecturer

Post-doc fellowship (Chemistry), Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Halle, Germany 

PhD Chemistry (University of Dar es Salaam)

Research interests

Phytochemical analysis, Natural products, Plant and mushroom biodiversity, plant and mushroom nutrition analysis, instrumental methods of Chemical Analysis. 

Ongoing research: Documentation, Nutritional and essential metal analysis of some wild and exotic mushrooms grown in Western Kenya. First phase completed. Ecologically friendly production and utilization of local wild edible mushrooms for food security in western Kenya.

Dr. Benard O Omogo,

Lecturer & Examinations Coordinator

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.A (May 2014).Dissertation title: Understanding the Influence of Interfacial Chemistry in Core, Core/Shell and Core/Shell/Shell Quantum Dots on their Fluorescence Properties. 

B.Ed. in Chemistry and Mathematics, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi-Kenya (October 2008).

Research Interests

Synthesis of various nanoparticles and their characterization using UV-Vis, Fluorometer, XRD, AAS, XPS, TEM, SEM etc. to investigate their physical and structural properties both at ensemble and single particle level with target applications in catalysis, solar cells and water purification.

Dr. Benard Fredrick Juma,

Senior Lecturer

Post Doc Fellow. Universität Rostock, Institut für Chemie. 

PhD (Chemistry), University of Botswana

Dr Isaac Odhiambo K’Owino,

Senior Lecturer

Post Doc Fellow, Oregon Health Science University, USA

PhD. Chemistry (SUNY Binghamton, University)

Research Interests

Biosensors and Nanoremediation for Environmental Monitoring

Dr. Veronicah Achieng Okello, Lecturer

PhD in Chemistry (SUNY Binghamton, University)

Research interests

The development of a green sustainable approach for Cr(VI) speciation and remediation by investigating the feasibility of using tunable nanostructured poly-amic acid (PAA), quercetin and its derivatives for remediation of Cr(VI) and other heavy metals (Pb). Nanoscale materials that offer new possibilities for the development of novel remediation and environmental monitoring technologies with a specific target to water systems, industrial waste and laboratory wastes.

Charles Angendu Ekisa,


Master of Science (Chemistry) (University of Nairobi)

Dr. Selline Awino Ooko, Lecturer

PhD. Moi University

Research interests:

Organic Chemistry, Chemistry and mathematics Education

Ms. Roselyne Adhiambo Ongulu,

Assistant Lecturer

Master of Science (Chemistry) (Moi University)

Research Interest

Analytical/Environmental bioremediation of heavy metals

Ms. Regina Nabwire Bwire,

Assistant Lecturer

Master of Philosophy (Chemistry) (University of Botswana)

Research Interests

Natural Products Chemistry (Phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants, bioactivity studies) and organic synthesis of natural products. Bioprospecting and analysis of various biomass sources as potential sources of renewable energy. Analytical Chemistry (Analysis of food and water samples)

Ms. Selly Jemutai Kimosop,

Assistant Lecturer,

Master of Science (Chemistry) (MMUST)

Research interests:

Environmental toxicology with specialization in development of analytical methods for trace elements and other environmental pollutants including pharmaceutical and personal care products. I am also focusing on design of bioremediation technologies for contaminated sites to reduce persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as pesticides, perfluorinated compounds and other non-conventional pollutants. Related work on isolation of microbial species adapted to pesticide degradation. Other chemistry-related areas such as renewable energy sources, Green Chemistry and climate change.

Ms. Rahab Wairimu Kamau,

Assistant Lecturer

Master of Science (Chemistry) (MMUST)Research Interests: 

Natural products and synthetic chemistry

Prof Jane Catherine Ngila

Adjunct Professor

Analytical / Environmental Chemistry

Head, Department Applied Chemistry

University of Johannesburg, Doornfontein Campus

Mr. Mark Wanyonyi,

Assistant Lecturer

Master of Science (Chemistry Education) (MMUST)

Research Interests. 

Organic chemistry-Natural Products Chemistry and Chemical Education

Present research interest

Non-conventional or emerging pollutants such as Perfluorinated substances, Poly-chlorinated and Polybrominated organic pollutants such as PBDEs (and other flame retardants)., PCBs, Dioxins, Furans, personal care products and pharmaceuticals and other POPs. Waste water treatment and Management, Environmental toxicology and pollution. Environmental Remediation i.e. Bioremediation, Water Purification. Contaminants remediation technologies. Green chemistry, renewable energy chemistry-related (renewable sources), and Climate change.

Mr. Gershom Kyalo Mutua,

Assistant Lecturer

Master of Science (Chemistry) (MMUST)

Research interests:

Environmental Remediation using biological and physical methods. Water treatment and Management, Environmental toxicology and Water Purification

Mr. Victor Odhiambo Shikuku, 

Master of Science (Chemistry) (Maseno University)

Research Interests

Water and wastewater treatment technologies, pesticides and organic pollutants remediation by sorption processes (surface chemistry, kinetics and thermodynamics)

Mr. Fred Ayodi Lisouza


B. Ed (Science), EGERTON UNIVERSITY, Njoro, Kenya.

Research Interests

Adoption of passive sampling techniques coupled with modern extraction and separation methods as well as modern analytical techniques in monitoring and modeling of the atmospheric and aquatic behaviour various organic and inorganic contaminants from both point and non-point sources; Analysis of quality and treatment of waste waters and industrial effluents; Contaminant adsorption studies, Bio-remediation, Chemical degradation and water purification; Laboratory studies to convert CO2 to CH4 to mitigate against climate change and global warming

Mr. Manoah Etsabo Opanga,

Ag. Chief Technician, Chemistry

BSc (Chemistry), Moi University

Ms. Agripina Mukhabali Shitadayi,

Senior Technician

BSc (Chemistry), University of Eldoret

Ms. Immaculate Nasai Keyari,Technician

BSc (Chemistry), Moi University

Ms. Agnes Nechesa Muyale,

Senior Technician

Diploma (Analytical Chemistry), Kenya Polytechnic

Ms. Lydia Temko Nandemu, Senior Technician

BSc (Chemistry), Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Egerton University)

Ms. Carolyne Nelima Waswa, Senior Technician

Diploma (Analytical Chemistry), Kisumu polytechnic

Ms. Loice Makoo, 

Secretary to the Department 

Diploma, The Kenya Polytechnic

Ms. Faina C. Kidagisa

Office Administrator Pure and Applied Chemistry Department



Chair of Department














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